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Social Media Marketing Agency

Social Media Marketing Agency

Vertical Consulting – SMM Agency, London

SMM is the practise of marketing website content, products or services to a wide range of users that already have accounts on social media sites. What you’re trying to initiate is an electronic word of mouth whereby users will share or talk about your message, product or service in a positive way. This in turn generates a level of positively pre-engaged traffic.

How can social media help?

  • Deliver pre-engaged inbound Traffic
  • Establish Improved Brand Awareness
  • Facilitates user engagement & loyalty

The short guide to social media marketing.

To be successful in SMM you need to understand the various platforms available and how best to engage with the users whilst also develop a goal led and objective plan that can be measured in real terms against effort, time, and money spent.

How to measure effectiveness of SMM?

One way to measure results is by using google analytics where you can see, attribution, click through rates, conversion rates and hopefully a reduced overall bounce rate due to a higher quality of pre engaged traffic. There are also many sites that you can check daily progress quickly and without any delay Social Checker is just one. Social checker is one free tool developed and maintained by vertical consulting primarily for us to quickly gauge instant social stats of any website.

The Big 5 Social media sites


One of the largest social sites with a wide range of people. You might want to use Facebook for special offers within a fan page or offer discounts for a like. Facebook also has its own PPC system where you can drive users to your official page or actual website. You might just prefer to increase your fan base. Facebook likes still carry some SEO weight.


Recently monetized to include paid for adverts. Great for retailers and anyone with in vogue products. Images on Pinterest however need to be sharp and professional the “out of focus” or poorly shot photos won’t cut it here.


Great for a short message, engagement works better if the message is placed with an image. Twitter has its own internal system for paid for advertising with “promoted” advertising which may see your brand on the trending section of this site. API support is good and it’s fairly easy to incorporate your feeds onto your company website.

Google Plus

Great for creating hangouts and circles of connections. Considering who currently has market share of search, it would be something of an oversight to not be engaged here. A contentious issue, do you think Google levies more weight to Facebook likes or its own G+ system? There is no google + advert system, the proprietary google AdWords system can used to drive traffic to your Google plus page should you desire as opposed to sending it directly to your website.


Comprehensive network of business & professionals with employees and MD’s alike. Personal summary pages and company profiles can be created here. Special interest groups on a wide range of topics or professions. Usage is high amongst UK professionals with an estimated 90% being active here. LinkedIn is also good for content marketing by way of articles.

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