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Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is Fundamental “part-and-parcel” of performing well in search.   

  • Are you here because you don’t really know what SEO is or how it’s performed?
  • Are you looking for a way to reduce PPC costs?
  • Do want the very best for your company?
  • Perhaps an Intelligent business owner that knows SEO needs to be done?
  • How can you move your business forward and save money?
  • Do you want to use a company that is “google best practice compliant”.

Remember SEO is simple, affordable and effective

Organically speaking

Let’s break it down, starting with the term search engine, in the main they are result platforms that provide, on request a combination of natural organic results and paid for included results. The key word to remember here is organic.The second word to think about is optimisation, as you know it’s about improving, making more efficient. If at this stage we’re on the same page you’re probably thinking about benefits and potential cost savings for your business.

A Double Sided Coin. 

SEO in its purest form is a double-sided practice, on one side you have off page factors that include the Meta tags, the key items are Meta description and Meta title tags these in part help steer the page towards your organic search goals. On page factors are your visible content (images & text) Hierarchical needs are H1 – H6 tags, which are there to define importance of any particular block of text. ALT tags help describe images.

Example title tag: <title>Vertical Consulting - Search + Design + Optimise</title>

Example description tag <meta name="description" content="Vertical consulting offer key digital services needed to make websites work"/>

Today’s search engine optimisation is a careful and subtle balancing act combined with concise alignment. The benefit over the longer term is a reduced dependency on PPC and much tighter organics


Reduced dependency on PPC and much tighter organics

The fit Test

Before any SEO work can be carried out your website will need to assessed by us. Vertical Consulting will look at the platform or method of site construction combined with overall page quality, determining if you have sufficient text and also examine the quality of what’s written on your web pages, in some cases we may suggest updating your website copy first. In extreme cases, where we deem SEO is not viable and when the website is fundamentally flawed or outdated we would recommend a new site. Vertical Consulting can also provide quotes for both website copy and new responsive websites 

The Big Reward

Dividends are great! However to be able to receive them substantial time and effort needs to put in. SEO should never be viewed an instant fix, time scales are 3-6 months, sometimes longer. The way vertical consulting view a positive outcome in terms of completed SEO is a first page position on Google for your given keywords combined with a sliding reduction of the gross spend on adwords. Conversely conversion rates should be on the increase .

Great rewards with SEO

SEO Fees

Small Business Rates.

Realistic pricing and easy PAYG  pricing options, based on a monthly fee for a set amount of hours. No lengthy contracts are enforced you simply pay per month. For ease and convenience we use a system of  5 ,10 or 20 SEO prepay credits, putting you in complete control of your finances

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