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Search Engine Marketing Agency

Search Engine Marketing Agency

Inertia breaking ROI focused Search Engine Marketing campaigns. Delivered using PPC, SEO, SMM, #EUSM and any required adjustments to website

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Create a unique content marketing strategy for each client

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is simply marketing your website content to search engines that have an indexing system & some form of paid inclusion. The immediate way to access any keyword search result page is to advertise using PPC. SEM is a wide all encompassing acronym, SEO lives here, as does Social Media Marketing (SMM). The newest and noteworthy addition to the fold is AMP, Accelerated Mobile Pages, which load and render much quicker than conventional pages. HTTPS is also worth considering.

How we work.

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Laying good foundations

A great search engine marketing campaign needs to be started from the ground up. Aligning your SEO activities to your SEM message is critical in obtaining best long term outcome. When SEO is performed and your website is optimised, it will over time reduce your reliance on PPC. Your SERPS or organic position in search will increase leading to greater visibility for your brand, product or service for multiple search terms.

Six months from now your company could spend less on PPC marketing, yet achieve a higher net profit !

Marketplace analysis

Who are your competitors? Whats different about your company? Are you making the most out of a USP ? All these questions need to be answered, it’s also a suitable time to take a base point reference and examine what traffic your getting, and from what source.

Prior to setting up a SEM campaign it’s incredibly useful to examine current & past analytics data. Your current PPC campaign should also be examined.

If you have been hit by a Panda, Penguin or the new, yet pending  Mobile Friendly update Vertical Consulting can help your website recover.

Panda and Penguin updates

Killing the bounce!

The average web site user makes a split decision almost instantaneously as to whether or not they will stay on website. Incorrect landings, when a user expects “B” but gets “C” usually creates a bounce.

The visual impact a website engenders on first time landings is also responsible for stay or go actions.

Does your copy cut the mustard?

If your site does infact need updating, do this before going any further! Vertical Consulting can work with you to create winning copy and obtain the best possible web site images.

Vertical Consulting do not condone the use of spam, on the web or as pictured!

Does your copy cut the mustard?

Socially Speaking

The choice of what social platform to use is always a contentious issue.

Facebook still has some SEO weight attached to page likes.

Twitter can be useful tool for a direct sales message or special offer.

Google + is a curiosity in function , but a powerhouse if used wisely.

Youtube, amazing for a video viral, or specialist info messages that help to get your expertise across.

Linkedin is a connected peoples article repository & business media site, but do not underestimate the power of well liked & shared publication on this channel.

The fact is there is a plethora of Social media sites that can be used to advantage. Message and inclusive strategy are key, use all for different reasons.

Paying per click

Often overlooked on established campaigns are negative keywords why pay for X when the user wants Y? There is nothing more frustrating to an end user, than clicking on a PPC advert only to end up on some irrelevant page or site.

Quality of ads & click through rates are key, appropriate site links hedge your bets. Establishing an affordable budget is common sense.

PPC makes perfect sense as it virtually immediate, your ads can be up in running in 15 minutes, but makes less sense if it’s the the only marketing you do!