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Case Study: Helical Gearboxes

Pay per click advertising has long been the preferred method of driving web traffic for webmasters in a virtually unlimited variety of industries. It’s a sound strategy that the Vertical Consulting team integrates into many of our web development projects, so when Helical Gearboxes came to us and asked us to design a site that would perform and rank well without relying on the pay per click model, we had to come up with a way of making it happen. Here’s how we did it.

case study Helical Gearboxes


Helical Gearboxes is a company that specialises in the repair and reconditioning of manual automotive gearboxes. The company is regarded as an expert in the field, serving a long list of clients in both the public and private sectors; however, terms of both style and function, the Helical Gearboxes website wasn’t living up to the company’s stellar reputation.

Helical Gearboxes preferred to avoid spending money on PPC advertising, so Vertical Consulting was tasked with designing a simple, responsive, low-maintenance website that would rank well without relying on pay per click advertising. The result? A site that looks good, is functional and educational, and ranks well in relevant search engine results, all achieved organically, with absolutely zero PPC spending.

How We Did It

While pay per click advertising can be a virtually immediate means of improving website traffic, using this form of advertising effectively requires ongoing monitoring and continual refinement of a sound long-term strategy. Helical Gearboxes, however, wanted the opposite: a website that could grow its own sustainable level of traffic organically over time by deploying relevant educational content for its target audience.

For Vertical Consulting, the solution was to develop a strategy centred around Helical Gearboxes’ unique selling point: the company’s exceptional and virtually unmatched level of niche expertise. We therefore restructured the Helical Gearboxes website to showcase that expertise. Specifically, we created search engine optimised web pages designed to provide subject matter of interest to the target audience, such as common problems that affect various gearbox models, up to date pricing information, and other relevant industry information.

This kind of strategy, which specifically excludes pay per click advertising, is not necessarily an unusual one, but it’s still a strategy that requires careful research and attention to detail. In this strategy, the two primary elements were the company’s unique selling point and its target audience. We leveraged the company’s high level of industry knowledge to create content that would both perform in search engines, and would provide the kind of niche expertise that is both interesting and useful for the target audience.

The Result

Tasked with designing a website that would perform well in a highly specific niche without taking advantage of pay per click advertising, Vertical Consulting delivered exactly as requested. The Helical Gearboxes website has achieved and maintained excellent search engine results along with commensurate traffic, with a simple, effective, and responsive web design, content that’s designed specifically for the target audience, and without the need for pay per click advertising.


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