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StarTech LCD Console 16 Port KVM

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Product Description

StarTech 1U 19″ Rackmount LCD Console with 16 Port Multi-Platform KVM RKCONS1916GB

Free UK mainland Delivery RKCONS1708GB

This 1U Rack Mount LCD KVM Console features an integrated 16 Port Multi-Platform KVM Switch module, 19in active matrix LCD monitor, full 106-key keyboard and mouse touchpad neatly combined into 1U of space in any standard rack or cabinet 30in (or greater) in depth.

The KVM console offers a design similar to that of a rackmounted laptop computer – when the console is not in use, it’s as simple as folding the LCD display and keyboard/mouse up and sliding it back into the server rack on the sturdy mounting rails (included).

A highly-scalable server control solution, each KVM console/switch module can control up to 136 computers by cascading 8 additional kvm switches. To ensure further versatility, the console is compatible with virtually any existing KVM switch as well as with most PC, Mac and Sun servers/systems.

The StarTech.com Advantage
  • Generates less heat than CRT displays, reducing cooling requirements
  • Improve space efficiency inside cabinets, allowing larger systems to fit into less cabinet space
  • Improves cabinet ergonomics by placing keyboard and display close together


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